Medieval/Fantasy Asset Pack - Houses Mainly

What is in right now:

  1. Road/Walkway blueprint. Allows to easy make roads and walkways using splines. There are few meshes included.
  2. Clouds blueprint. It allows to create clouds on sky, provided particle system. Controls density of clouds, position, height movement speed and direction.
  3. House Blueprint. Allow to easy assemble houses from chunk. Each house is splitted into three main parts. Floor section, Middle Section, and Roof Section. You can add single floor and Roof, and as many as middle sections as you want. Blueprint, allows for easy material swaps, and assigning random materials to set slots.
    It also allows, assemble houses from random mesh parts. Although requires quite a bit of preparations, since not all parts will perfectly match other parts due their dimensions.
  4. About 125 House parts - will be more. I don’t know how much exactly. I try to add all possible dimensions combinations between range.
    5, About 20 materials - definitely there will be more.
  5. Some smaller houses parts. Annexes, balcons etc. I think 3 or 4.
  6. Two props - Light post and window shutter.

My plan:

  1. More props. Barrels, boxes, marketplace items (you know medieval marketplace).
  2. Blueprint to procedurally add houses along spline or in line. with randomly scattered houses and blank spaces for roads.
  3. Possibly extend blueprint to automatically add random supporting structures.
  4. Particle effects, for dust, smoke, leaves, etc. Standard package which make every encironment look more interesting.
    It’s not yet submitted. IDK where I submitt it, I hope by the end of month, or early october. I want to put as much assets as possible, and make sure the can all work togather in resonable way.

Here are few screenshots, from map, where the assets are put to use while constructing city:

wow ! So cool stuff ! I would like to use it for instanced town !

Very nice.

Its looking rather nice, plus its a very good idea ^^
Keep up the good work mate!

I hopes this ends up on the marketplace…

Very nice houses there !!!

WOW! Amazing work iniside! I am really excited to see the finished project, Be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of your project! Have a great day!

Like it !
Really nice environment …

Great modelling, but medieval buildings were mostly crooked, even castles. Esp. ground was never flat unless town was build on very flat area.
The did not had bulldozers back then.

So add some tiny randomness in those support and detail meshes, like +/- 2 deg or so.

The assets look nice, when are you expecting to release the medieval modular building set. I’m building a level at the moment and would like to use them. I have the Top down medieval set off the market place but I would like to have the outside set to make it complete. the level I’m making is for VR.

I don’t know as I have redone everything from scratch, to make it easier randomly assemble houses via blueprint (first version had to many parts, which didn’t matched with each other). Now everything should at some level match with everything else.
On top of that I’m adding some props for (like stalls, foods, boxes, barrels, furniture etc).

That’s why there was not updates. I had exactly the same scene, just with bit changed assets (;.

I can say that hopefully before end of this month.

This is how it looks right now:

Please give us a download when its finished or even put it on the marketplace :slight_smile:

Looks really nice and I do hope you’ll end up submitting it to the marketplace; there’s definitely room there for more great asset packs.

If I would have to give feedback on something then maybe the ground cobblestone texture looks a bit too flat for my taste, so I would either try to increase the normal maps bumpiness or try to do parallaxing for it. I’d personally try to add a bit more randomness as well, but I don’t if the asset pack really requires that so much.

I would love to add this to my toolbox/art folder!

At some point I had tessellation on it, and it didn’t worked out so well :D.
Anyway textures are in, I guess if someone really want POM on it or tessellation then you just add it.

For it being boring I agree. But I personally thought about fixing it by adding decals, not by modifying texture, which might end up with some repetitive pattern or worse.

Yup, I’d leave POM or tesselation for the end-users and I’d do the randomization with decals as well, which is what I meant, but forgot write down :slight_smile:

You could add some noise to the ground layer through vertex colors. So that one can paint e.g. a mossy cobblestone or some kind of dirt.

It’s deformed over spline and spline component can’t really support vertex paint last time i tried it.

Is this available anywhere to purchase/download? Fantastic work!

Can i buy it?