Medical Deck Scene: Download

Hi all, Below are some download links to a scene i’ve created. Hopefully folks will find it useful. It has been an exercise in modular assets and testing out some stuff with creating a master material that gives flexibility with instances in the scene.
I hope there is some cool stuff in there that might help out!

If you have any feedback please let me know!

The download links are:




The scene looks awesome from the banner image.

I haven’t had chance to test it out yet, as I am at work.

What’s the licence with this media? Can it be used for a commercial project? Or is it solely intended for personal projects only?

Thanks for the generosity.



Hey Jay!

They are for non commercial use only as it stands! Hopefully there are some bits in there you might find useful!


Thanks James, I’ll certainly download it and take a look. Always interested to see how people handle the setup of their textures, lighting and so forth :wink:

Out of interest, what kind of time frame was this accomplished within? I’d love to know.

Howdy theonebutcher,

Fantastic work with this project! I am going to have to download this when I get some time later today. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your project with the community. Have a great day!

So gracious of you James, I’m sure this will help a lot with building my own levels. Good thing I want to make something SciFi! :slight_smile: The hallway release was already great to study. I can see already the IES profiles, particles, modular geometry and materials will be great reference.

In fact scratch that, the whole thing will be Epic reference material! :smiley:

Hats off to you!

Edit: Textures are really nice, you’ve got footprints in the floor and all kinds of nice details. :slight_smile:
Did you do this all in Photoshop or did you use any other tools for texturing?

Hi all! Thanks for looking. I hope you have all found it useful!

The whole thing rarely used photos for textures, I use a lot of custom brushes though for painting. All done with Photoshop to start with there was a mixture of baking out of 3ds Max and some use of quixel suite.

Would a video breakdown be good for this?

Cheers again!

James - thanks for being awesome and sharing this! really, really excellent work, too. If you get a video breakdown up and running, let me know! :slight_smile:

I’d certainly be interested. Let us know if you happen to do one :wink:

Medical Deck… System Shock 2?

@ Bennifer:
Hey, I will post up in here when I have done a breakdown. I will most likely cover a load of stuff for materials and the importance of material instancing and its huge level of flexibility.

@Chance Ivey:
Thanks man! And thanks for showing the scene off in the live stream, I will drop you a line as soon as my breakdown/ mini tut series is complete. Let me know if you need any more details!

@ Sean Gribbin:
No problem! I hope this helps guys in the community, I’m planning on making some more structured stuff soon to guide folks through the process. Hopefully getting the scene and being able to look at how it’s put together will help people out.

Well spotted man! I loved the system shock games, it has got elements in there that are based off SS2 (the info terminal for example and Von Braun logos). Thanks for looking man hope the scene has helped out someway!

Dammit… now I wanna go play System Shock 2 again.
If there was ever a game that could do with an remake/upgrade, SS2 is it.

This looks great.

Very cool.

Hello James,

First, this scene look terrific :smiley:

Second, I’ve download the pack and would like to upgrade from 4.1 to 4.9. I wondered what are the files that I can delete under the project since there are stuff that seem not to be essentials so the project would be smaller, filesize wise + up-to-date ?


I’ve finally made a new package updated to 4.9 which can be download here.

THX for the awesome assets James !!!

Hey Steve,

Thanks for sorting that! I havent updated this in a while so hopefully its all good! Im working on some new stuff at the moment that I will hopefully release soon.

Hope this has been helpful for folks who have downloaded it!


Hey James :slight_smile:

I’m glad everything is fine with you and I’m looking forward your next release :smiley:

Hi James,

Great work. Found it super useful pulling this apart and thanks to Steve for updating it. Is the liscencing situation still the same?


Please could you host the assets on a platform other than MediaFire? The download is a bit slow and apparently all mediaFire is infected with viruses. Maybe Google Drive? Works fine for me.
Great assets, love the look of this project! Keep up the hard work!

Thank you so much!Cheers,James