Media video playback speed too high recording with Sequencer

I am trying to use Sequencer in 4.13 to record some in game/engine footage but the video texture media ends up being played back way too fast.
When I just do play in editor the speed looks right. It’s just using the Sequencer ‘offline’ clip recording that has them ending up 3-4 times too speedy.

Anyone else has seen this?


It sounds like Sequencer isn’t able to render your footage in real-time, and this slow down in recording is making it seem that the video texture is speeding past.

One possible solution would be to sync the video to the Sequence yourself. If you have a Level Sequence Actor then this is pretty easy, a simple Blueprint which every Tick queries the time from the Level Sequence Actor and sets it as the current time in the Media Player.

I’ve had to do some similar trickery in Sequencer in the past.

Just found the Answer here to a question i posted some minutes ago.
I tried serveral things … setting the playback rate very low.
But it had no effect. I got a Level Sequence and can get time dialation but i can not set it
to the media player. Or maybe it is not working. like playback rate.

i have the same issue, any solution for this? how I can force the engine to render all frames and the video at the same speed?
i am using RTX 2080 ti and 64Gb ram 12 core CPU.

Has this been fixed in anyway. All my renders are coming out sped up!

Update. I think it may be tied to the resolution. At 4k the renders are moving at about 5 times the speed. At the lowest quality, they are more normal. I have a pretty nice rig (3090 + 64 gb ram+ ssd with over 160 gbs free) any guidance with this issue?