Media Texture video playback too fast in sequencer render output

I would also like to vote for this to be fixed. A lot of arch viz guys can run into this same problem if not fixed.

I am truly hoping for a fix but I am a bit devastated to see that there are threads on this forum dated back from 2015. I don’t think the guys are planning to fix anytime soon.

If you don’t want to have problems with the video render in sequencer use this method i use:…xzanderTheGeek

I described this workaround at the start of the thread. It is very inconvenient and you have to revert back to an mp4 if you want to package your product to a reasonable size.

Thanks alexzander1947 so much much for the video. It really fixes the synchronization problem. Just note that as in this way is just necessary to have video in a frame by frame sequence, without using VLC I could export it from Final Cut pro in my case and changed the media source from file media source to image media source. I understand IslandPlaya mentioned it before, but I could not understand how to do that, thanks anyway…

thank you for the Video! Would this work with png sequence in 4k with alpha channel?

Yoo guys

Anyone else experience heavy lag while rendering video textures with the sequencer? After a couple of frames the render freezes for a couple of seconds and then continues. The end result is synchronised though but it is a pain to wait so long.

I use 2 video png seq textures, 1 is with alpha so obviously it is heavy.

I see on the IMG source in the sequencer there are green lines indicating what is loaded, this is constantly a small portion of the whole clip. Is this loaded in RAM or on the graphic card? Is there a way to extend the availibility of ram so more can be stored? Or is this not the problem?

I have a 3090 card and 64GB ram so I think I should have enough… let me know!

I think I found it now! In Project Settings search for ‘Cache’ and set the cach size GB and Global Cache Size GB to a higher number. It was set to 1.0 by deafult but in my case I can easily set it to 55. Now it plays muuuuch smoother!


@CINEMARKS You are a F%¤&¤ life saver!!! Thank you thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi All. I want to join the rant.
May 29, 2021 and the video sources are playing much faster than the exported video footage.
Some important notes:

  • We are using the same FPS both for the level sequencer, child sequencers and all the video tracks - 24fps
  • We CANNOT use the technique proposed above according to which we should convert our videos to sequence of images. Not every app made with UE4 is a game and not all the video use cases contains short videos. We are using UE4 for cinematic editing and we put dozens of video footages into sequencers which can be manipulated by users in runtime.
  • Another pretty “weird” thing is happing when rendering videos via the Render Queue and enabling AA. In this case UE spits all the intermediate frames used for multi-sampling into the output, which makes the resulting image sequence pretty useless to transcode into video files.

To summarize:
Dear Epic, you put substantial efforts (which is much appreciated)to push UE4 usage into non gaming industries, especially into video /cinematic production. Please take care of these bugs as those quickly become deal breaker for anyone who is trying to use the cinematic features of the engine professionally. We also encounter inconsistent and buggy behavior of the level sequencer, especially when using spawnable actors. Recently we stopped using spawnable actors as we could not resolve bugs like invalid transforms of the actors /actor disappearance, which were happening sporadically. Also filed several bugs related to these anomalies.
Our current feel as someone who is heavily using sequencer and other cinematic systems of the engine is that it is all in a very raw state and there is still a lot of work to be done to get it stable for commercial usage.
If anybody from Epic’s staff would like to get in touch and learn about our challenges and issues we have, here is the contact email: info at

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Here is the UPDATE to the video playback speed issue during the render queue recording.
We were experimenting with different settings and found the following WEIRD behavior:
Setting the “Compression Quality” higher than 90% starts rendering the nested videos at higher speeds.
Using AA settings in the Render Queue - also leads to speed up in videos playback. Also, in this case, if rendering to images - UE spits out all the extra samples per frame. So one doesn’t get an image per frame, but X images per frame where X is number of AA samples. I have no idea if it is done intentionally, or it’s a bug.