Media Texture crashed iOS.

Dear Unreal Engine,

I’ve have a skill upgrade UMG with a video texture showing how each skill looks like. So when click on button it display n open the video file in movie folder. Everything works great. But when I package n deploy to iOS, I can play a few video by clicking each skills button but after a while it crashed the app. I was wondering whether it’s a RAM problem, so I reduce the file size of the video to not more than 1mb each, around 900kb max, resolution is for iPhone 4s resolution, export using preset in Premiere Pro, but still crashes after playing a few videos in mobile. I have around 15 videos not more than 900kb each in movie folder. And each video is set to loop and play on start. Please advise.

Can you provide some screenshots of how the movies are actually played?

Here’s the screenshot of the Button Function whether press particular skill. So each function i can specify specs and select which video to play. Everything works okay in windows and even in iOS. but in iOS i can play a few videos before the app crash.