Media Player sound attenuation not working on Quest 2

Alright guys, so the title pretty much says it all.
I’m trying to get a video playing with sound attenuation on a Quest 2 VR level.

I added my File Media Source, created the Media Player and associated texture along with the necessary material to have it play on a plane.
On that same plane, I added a Media Sound component to play the audio coming from the video on the Media Player, and added the attenuation settings I wanted (mainly “Focus”, so that the audio is only audible when the player is looking at the video playing on the plane)

Now here’s where it gets weird. It all works perfectly on the editor, even with the VR preview.
But when I package/launch it to my Quest 2, there just isn’t any attenuation at all and the sound just sticks to the players ears - no panning, no volume attenuation, no focus, no nothing.

I sort of found a workaround by stripping my File Media Source of its audio track (exported the video with no audio) and added a regular UE Sound Cue with my audio.
This way the attenuation works perfectly, but I end up running into sync issues if the video/audio keeps looping long enough, which isn’t ideal for what I’m trying to do.

I couldn’t find any information on this, so I’m wondering if this is a known issue?
If anyone knows of a fix for this, It would be greatly appreciated!

Also, wasn’t sure if I should post this on the Audio or VR/AR subs, so I apologize if I posted on the wrong one.