Media Player not saving video reference

Good Morning Everyone,

I’m encountering an issue where my Media Players aren’t saving correctly. When I create one and point it to the intended video file everything appears to link up correctly. However, after I save and close that Media Players tab and reopen it I find that it is no longer pointing to the video clip. If I have multiple Media Players pointing to different video files and they are still opened then they all reference the intended clips. Closing the tabs and reopening them results in them all acting as if they are waiting for you to pick a clip. This doesn’t seem correct to me. This is happening in 4.24. Videos are mp4’s encoded in DaVinci Resolve at 1920x1080 at 30fps.

Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?


Not very helpful, but I’m having exactly the same problem.

same issue as well, any workarounds ?

Same issue.

Any fixes, hints, comments from staff…?