Media Player does not maintain connection with audio

I have imprted and re-imported this MP4 over and over, and I’ve generated the audio asset from the MediaPlayer asset, multiple times, and it works for when you create and drop it into a level, but if you lock up the editor (which doesn’t produce a crash just hangs the editor) you can’t save the state of the game, but even if you do, and then close out the editor, and re-load the level your music / sound track won’t play. You have to delete the media file (wav) generate a new one, and then hook it up into the level again. Which then works, for that session until it crashes or closes.

I was hoping building an executable from a functioning build would be, ok since that’s all I really care about, but it won’t play in the executable either.

Is this a known bug, or is this being addressed, or is there a workaround ?


Here’s the Progress for Anybody Searching:

Hey Derek,

Sorry for the late response - I totally missed this one. Audio is not very well supported yet. We hope to improve it for 4.7. What do you mean by “lock up the editor” and “reload the level” then music won’t play? Could you provide detailed repro steps? Are you also using video, or only audio?

When you create an audio asset, from the video, and place it in the level with a “sound asset”, and then set the attenuation volume (area) so that it drops off from the source rapidly, and you play it in editor or in a separate window, go out of the volume and in, when you return the audio typically fails to resume, if it dropped completely to nothing. Also if you do this repeatedly it eventually locks up the editor, and won’t let it go/resume. And it won’t crash and send a report, it’s just in limbo.

I was hoping to test 7.1 audio that I have headphones for, but somehow spacialization didn’t seem to occur, no matter if the flag was on or off… Even though I placed the sound in the room, I couldn’t pinpoint the direction it was coming from. It’s possibly my sound hardware is bad, or the driver (On my Desktop), but I did also test it on my Asus I7 GF760M Laptop and it had the same reaction. So I reported the bug.

See also the Media Framework Roadmap.