Media playback with Vulkan laggy

Hi there, I am creating an app that will display 3D content and 360 video content for a business client.

If I package the app with ES3.1 everything runs smoothly up to 8k material at 90fps and looks great… but if I package the app with Vulkan I don’t even get 36fps and the GPU starts glitching, that’s the case even with fullHD material, i also encountered this Problem with ue4 4.26 :confused:

Does somebody know where the problem lies and how to fix it? :confused:

Hi, this is still an issue.
On 4.27 and 5.0 using Vulkan 8k Videos are just lagging under 20fps.
On 4.26 I was able to use OpenGL 3.1 and it worked without lag once switching to Vulkan the frames drop under 20fps.
This is a serious issue and needs fixing and a solution asap.