Media Plane component missing

I recently upgraded a project to a use UE 4.21. There was a blueprint class using a Media Plane component in the project, but after the upgrade, the component mysteriously vanished, leaving compilation errors in the class’s blueprints. Media Plane is also missing from the “Add component” menu. This is odd considering there was no deprecation warning and no mention of media plane in the release notes.
I found that the media plane component comes from the Media Compositing plugin and the plugin is indeed enabled. I disabled the plugin, restarted the editor, re-enabled the plugin and restarted the editor, but the component is still missing. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Edit: After investigating the git history, it would appear that the Media Plane component was removed in 4.20. Is there a new alternative now?

As I can see, it was deleted in 4.20.

Probably replaced with another functionality? There are a lot of files was added to MediaFramework plugin, like MediaBundleActorBase.

I looked into Media Framework Utilities. No luck, nothing in there behaves like a media plane. Even the plane component in MediaBundleActorBase (and its 16:9 subclass) does not behave like media plane. It’s just a regular plane.

Try using the Image plate / Image plate component (in the Image Plate plugin)

Thank you very much. Image Plate was a perfect replacement!