Media Framework Audio hiccup

Using Unreal Engine 4.22.3 / 4.23 Preview 7

I’ve run into an issue with audio hiccups while playing video via the Media Framework. During video playback the audio will cut off for a frame or two intermittently and I have no idea why. It usually happens once per minute but can be more or less frequent. This happens with live footage streamed via a blackmagic card and pre-recorded video files.

So far I’ve tried MP4 H264 with AAC, WMV and MOV files without success. I also migrated my project to 4.23 to try Prores and HAP butt these haven’t been any help either.

Windows, blackmagic and video files are all running at 48000 Hz, i tried setting them to 44100 Hz but the issue is still present.

I found that enabling ‘native audio out’ in the WMF Media Plugin resolves the hiccup issue but it adds a 5 frame delay to the audio so it falls out of sync with the video. I need the audio and video to be in Sync for mixed reality live capture so this isn’t much of a solution

I’m going to try migrating my files to a new project and see if that fixes the issue, I was experimenting with cut down project a few months ago and wasn’t getting the audio hiccups in that project.

Any Idea what might be causing the audio hiccups or how to get around the 5 frame audio delay caused by the Native audio out setting?

Strunggling with the same audio crackling… Did you every resolved that issue?