media failed to open. check output log for details!

i made a folder called movies and put a 4k 3minute video by dolby, turns out somehow i cant play the video with file media source in unreal engine it just shows an error media “failed to open. check output log for details!” oh and btw, nothing comes up in the output log when the error occurs.

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oh, just noticed it now, but why is my name look like its “idk wtf **** that is, Arabic or something” well i certainly didn’t ever do that. So idk why that happens to be my name here, please explain that epic games xD did it auto change when i just linked my facebook and somehow ■■■■ it up into symbols…

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Hi, I met the same problem and got in trouble for a long long time, please can you tell me how you solve the problem? Thanks :slight_smile: