Mechanical Arm blueprint / template

I have an asset in the works that I would like to gauge interest in and your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
The asset is a blueprint / template for user controlled mechanical arms, such as, robotic arms, manipulator arms, construction equipment: cranes, excavators, loaders, etc. It makes use of skeletal controls to allow real time user control rather than animation to move the arm parts.

Around the 2:03 mark you’ll see an example of the arm in game with some physics.
I Also have an excavator arm rig set up. It has fewer functions than the manipulator arm but is a more complex rig because of all the hinges and hydraulics that are driven by the controller bones.

While the focus is on the skeletal rig & blueprint that controls it I intend to include a few unique meshes to illustrate the diverse looks that can be achieved by swapping out the mesh while using a single underlying skeletal rig and blueprint control.

  1. All the moving parts are controlled by UE4 blueprint “skeletal controls”
    If you are unfamiliar with skeletal controls, they give the user direct control of the movement of the bones.
  2. Input is based on a gamepad controller
  3. Each function has its own input e.g., Boom is controlled by Left Thumbstick Y & X axis
  4. The hydraulics and hinged parts all move realistically and are driven by skeletal controls
  5. The meshes are not skinned to the skeleton/bones they are simply placed in the skeleton hierarchy and easily swapped out.
  6. Each type of mechanical arm will include a basic mesh, the skeleton and the blueprint and the .fbx file so that it can be modified in your 3d package.
  7. The meshes can be modified or replaced in your 3d package just keep the bone names and hierarchy the same.
    Currently, I have two different rigs – an ROV manipulator arm with claws and the excavator arm of a backhoe – which I intend to package separately.