Measure power usage? Cpu , GPU

Hey so there are a few things i would like to measure in my game. According to the internet the only way to measure CPU, GPU and memory usage is through the consol, but i dont have an english keyboard so i dont have the button that open that window. Isnt there any other way to open such a standard window through the actual engine interface?

Also is there any way to measure how much data is send through replication?
For example, lets say i accedently left something to replicate on “Tick” that will replicate multiple times per second right? Not good! and if i can measure replications then i can see that something is replicating too much data and so on.

Optimization is kinda like “everything” when it comes to Realtime, so how do i actuly acces these tools to help me optimize? and not through a console?

Appreciate an answear! Thanks! :smiley: