McLaren Car Paint materials demo map. Is is available publicly yet?

Does anyone know when the material showcase project file is going to be available?

The original was set up by France Wall, and during the UE4 stream the team said that someone was working on simplifying Allan Willard’s materials (removing the features that aren’t needed for general use) and that the file was going to be released sometime soon:

Skip to 19:50

Is it already out? Or are you guys still working on it?

Due to the impending Frexit, the France Wall could not be reached for comment.

In all seriousness, that isn’t out yet as it is still being polished and vetted for good settings. Many things were tweaked to look ‘cool’ in the demo but not all of them are in line with 100% PBR values so somebody is going through and verifying them all. I would think it will be out with 4.13.

Thank you so much for the response :slight_smile:

I love you guys :smiley:

Is this still the plan? As we are working on a Car Game would love to get a look at these Materials. We at Camshaft Software couldn’t get a sneak peak in?

Any news on this one? Got a big chunk of our project related to car paint, and trying to work out if we should wait for these materials or not.