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Maze Creator is now live! This is the support thread, so if you have any questions or comments, don’t be afraid to ask :slight_smile:
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Q: Does this package work with multiplayer?
A: Yes. When spawning a maze, make sure you spawn it on every player, and make sure each player uses the same seeds for the maze. Here is an example setup:


is there an easy way to enlarge (not your p****) but the path ?

i tried to change the maze “spacing” value but this totally break the maze

lets say if i type a spacing of 300, should i use a mesh with size 110x10x300 instead of the original 110x10x100

or there is an other way to enlarge the path ?

Yes, the Maze Spacing is for differently sized meshes. The Maze Spacing should be the X size of the mesh, minus 10 (410x10x100 mesh will fit perfectly with 400 spacing). You could also adjust the scale where the components are added, but that will stretch the materials, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Hopefully that answers your question :smiley: Just keep in mind that increasing something like the width of the mesh will mean you will need to decrease Maze Spacing so that it all aligns perfectly.

Thanks i can know enlarge as i want the path of the maze, it work.

i have another question, now i am trying to add a navmesh volume, i think there is a problem with the “walls instanced static mesh” components of the maze because the navmesh isnt blocked by the wall, but if i had static mesh manually inside the scene then the navmesh detect those walls

here is your maze, i added a navmesh boundvolume


and here is how the navmesh should detect walls but it doesnt seem to detecte maze walls (i added 3 walls manually)


Instances work fine with navmesh, make sure that collision is turned on for the maze, you should also move the maze a unit or two to make it refresh. As you can see, navmesh does work with the mazes:

thanks :slight_smile: its working

Hey Mate,

Bought your Maze and Loving it, but was wondering if you had any tutorials on how it works or how to properly utilise it?


Thanks for your purchase, and I’m glad you are enjoying it :smiley: Usage is fairly straight-forward, so I didn’t think of making any tutorials :confused: You really just drag the maze blueprint into the level, and then set the properties in the details panel, or spawn it using SpawnActorFromClass. Were there any things in particular you were wondering about?

Just things like how to Set spawn points for the maze, how to link 2/3 mazes together :slight_smile:

You can set the indices of the start/end points in the details panel of the maze, or when spawning the maze. As far as linking mazes together, you can just place/spawn them so that their start/end points link up, but merging mazes is not possible.

How do i spawn objects into it?

You can spawn objects just like you would any other thing. Here is a function that will give you the location of any cell:

8ccb6bff5eb8057e8ac56fd9ce8c5f8deed93dde.png @drarem;

How or where woudl I place this ‘get cell’ function at? I added it to the function list in the MazeCreator, sorry for my newness but how would I utilize it to spawn in an actor or prop? Where does it get called?

You would just use this function wherever you’d like, though you may not need to use it at all. To spawn an actor, you would really just use the ‘Spawn Actor from Class’ node, no different than anywhere else. That function is just handy in-case you want to get the location of a certain cell in a maze. A cell is just a square in the maze, as a maze is really just a grid with a path carved out in it. @drarem

Looking at working on Culling from Viewport, since these are Dynamic, Ive found there is no way to use a Culling Volume to cull them from viewport when they are unseen. Do you have any Suggestions or Ideas/Comments on this? Im looking at trying to make a Maze roughly 100x100.

Is there a way to have this just Generate the Meshes in a Static Fashion, without them being Dynamic Meshes? I could then utilize the Culling Volume.

Contact me back on this. I`ll Contact you via Email as well.

How do I change the colors for the maze creator?
help on that :slight_smile:

Hello, I assume you are referring to the materials on the meshes of the maze?

You can change the material elements by selecting the Maze, and in the details panel, modifying the material elements as shown here:

Alternatively, you can set these when spawning the Maze as well.

Thank you very much I appreciate the info

I know it’s probably been a while, but is there a way on the start location event to create the player start?

Basically on level start, place player within that start event location.

VERY new to UE4, not exactly sure HOW to search for what i’m looking to do :confused:

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Hello JonFive, I also replied to your comment on the product page:

You can try ‘GetPlayerCharacter[0]-> Teleport’ as a quick hack (Using a real reference to your character is better), and then input the maze start location.