Maya to Unreal - too many material slots!

Please any Maya to Unreal wizards. Need your input. Client deadline Monday.
Following this Maya to -Houdini- Unreal walkthru.

From Maya exporting my UDIM reduced mesh as .obj using default settings.

On import to Unreal no matter what settings I try, getting 100’s of Material slot assignments when I should only have one!

Although not mentioned in the walkthru I also assigned a single lambert material to my mesh in Maya BEFORE exporting.

Pulling my hair out on this.

Try to bake your materials to a single texture atlas in Maya, using Transfer Maps.

Thanks but nothing to do with actual texture. Rather something to do with material assignment in Maya before export.
Or possibly some bug with .objs and UDIM support.

Assigning 1 mat to the object prior to export should fix this. Can you show the import settings you’re using?

Also does importing it in a new Maya scene yield the same issue?