Maya-To-Unreal inter-process communication

Hi. I’m doing research towards creating a live interprocess-channel betwenn maya and unreal editor.
My goal is to create a real-time maya-to-unreal connection-channel that delivers all the changes from maya scene to unreal and back.

The use case can be explained like that:
The level artist has his maya app in one part of screen/separate monitor and unreal editor on the other part of screen - separate monitor.
He does different updates to his scene in maya, and this immediately updates in editor.
The list of things that can change the level artist is as follows:

  • Vertex pushing
  • Modifying geomerty topology - number of faces/vertices/ by deleting them or splitting polygons.
  • Modifying transformation values like pos,rotation and scale.
  • Modifying UV’s

Combining and extracting one mesh from other is a bit more complicated in maya because on this actions it basicly just creates new mesh objects, but this can be later solved by design tricks, like naming a group and forcing this group to represent the entire object and whatever is in the group goes to UE as a single mesh, etc…

I’ve downloaded the source code for unreal engine to see what it has to offer as well as started to read about Plugins.

So my question is. What’s your advice on where to start digging with especially high attention and perhaps some implementation strategy advice…