Maya lt nvidia hairworks plug in?

So I was looking at the download options for nvidia hairworks and there is a version for maya lt now I thought that maya lt had no hair tools so how on earth is that useful a hair plug in that can’t make hair because there is no hair tools or can you use curves to make it? :cool:​​​

This is a plug in for maya/mayalt, I have fur from POM, but it’s not as nice, or dynamic as this.
It is using curves, and I can tell you now The uv islands, and number of poly’s effect this a ton.
If you just used a single head instead of entire body you get a lot more density, but also harder on hardware if your combining mesh.
Also kind of not a good idea to have duplicate mirrored uv islands as it will be wierd looking parts, and waves.
You should have a head unfolded, or at least the hairy part.
It automates all the physx, and flows incredibly. I’ve been on the fence about using it for just some cut scenes.
That kind of feels dirty to me though when the cut scenes look incredibly better than the game.
fur shader is on sale which is pom based, and nicely done. Still uv islands matter a ton with getting results you want.

OK so thanks for your help

I think that maya lt is a very good idea I personally use blender but it’s nice to see autodesk actually cares about indie game developers

The biggest problem with Maya is terminology, aside from issues with the software having some non functional issues. They made it easier for newer people to do 3d modelling, anim etc… The issue with that is learning maya will get someone hooked into it, and when they do go to a different software it makes it more difficult to learn. Blender is the best thing to start with period. If your good with Blender you can use anything. There’s also modo/mori bundle on steam which is decent, and at least learning that has benefits of buying a license thats perpetual. If you were going to go work at a studio Blender really shines on a resume.