Maya ART - Retargeting existing animations - Z axis problem

Hi all,

I’m trying to retarget some of my mocap animations, some of them are from Mixamo and some of them are from around the web.

I tried to use HumanIK to transfer the animation from one character to the other one but the issue of the Z axis being the “Up” doesn’t allows me to use this tool.

I tried to use the character sets and remap the bones with one another, but the orientation due to the fact that the FBX animations were done with the Y up is causing lots of troubles

I also tried to use the Epic import motion which allows to load FBX mocap data, but I got the non-matching of the bones, so the animation is not loaded at all…

Soneone solved this issue using ART?

You can use Motionbuilder quite easily to retarget the animation to your rig.

After that you can load the animation into ART via the import animation feature and clean it up.

I thought about that, but I don’t own Motion Builder unfortunately…

Anyway I come up with a solution that might help someone else:

Basically I’m constraining the mocap to my custom rig using Orient on the bones and Point on the hips ( on both I keep the offset )
Then I just bake the results and export to UE4, it works pretty good :slight_smile: