Maya - Animation flips one Bone Randomly in Unreal Engine


I have an issue where I export my animation from Maya to Unreal engine and the entire animation plays correctly but for some reason my neck bone is flipped. I check the transformations in maya and they are perfect but in Unreal that one neck bone has random rotations like 180 degrees and such. I tried make a random animation and it had the same issue with that one bone. I have no idea how to fix this…I’ve attached some pictures

  1. look at your curves for those bones in the animation graph editor maya. Check your export options for bake animation- send to unreal. Check your import options in unreal sometimes it helps to uncheck convert scene. Try going down the maya export options, and try fbx 2015. If that doesnt work you may need to re parent your bones. You might have that bone in maya showing -1.
    If you can correct the bone in the anim editor ue4 then set key, and use that curve.
    Also be careful with windows, and hibernate system. Some things get screwy, with win/ue4/maya because the computer doesnt do hard shut down. I had issues before with bones.

Thanks, I’ll give it all a shot and see what happens, hopefully its a weird key somewhere.