Maya 2015 Bifrost Liquid Simulator

So, kinda surprised I haven’t seen anything here on this yet. Maya 2015 has come out with a truly magical built in liquid simulator called Bifrost. It doesn’t have all the regular bells and whistles yet, but those will come soon. I know potential when I see it, but I am having a difficult time thinking of ways that this liquid sim can be used in relation to Unreal Engine 4. Anyone out there know of cool things it can be used for, or have good ideas for things it can be used for?

Vid: Autodesk Maya 2015: Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform Part 1 - YouTube

It’ll be a long loooong way to achieve the same stuff that is currently available within Softimage ICE
Actually I’m planning to convert some of the stuff that is doable with ICE to UE4 using Blueprints, but modification at vertex level is still limited and honestly CPU heavy.

Regarding porting Bifrost to UE4 I don’t think its doable, or better yet you may want to use the tools within UE4 to achieve liquid simulation using blueprints for mesh realtime modifications and shaders…Bifrost has been developed to be the next ICE, but right now they’re focusing way too much on liquid simulation…
Well, something similar and pretty **** cool is doable in Houdini as well :wink:

Bifrost isn’t anything related to ICE, it was originally a plugin for 3ds Max called Naiad, Autodesk bought them and then integrated it into Maya.

As far as UE4 goes, there’s not much it can do with it outside of rendering some images, simulation won’t go over.

Trust me, they shut down Softimage and developed ( well, bought ) Bifrost to be a future replacement for ICE, but right now they’re focusing just on fluid simulation…in the next couple of years ( 2-3 ) they’re aiming to be a better alternative to ICE, which is probably one of the most creative tool I’ve ever seen…let’s see how the development will go on, I’m curious ( since I’m switching to Maya )

Bifrost may be a replacement for ICE, but its current incarnation is almost entirely built on the Naiad FLIP solver.

Hopefully, once UE4 supports Alembic geocaches, we can import meshed Bifrost liquids for some seriously cool in-game liquid set pieces…

dentro da pasta extras da verçao da unreal que vc estiver, tem um script de exportaçoes de fluidos para o maya, fora o A.R.T. para facilitar as animaçoes, vai a dica pra quem quer importar o brifrost (arquivos de programa x86>Epic Games>4.11>extras>…)