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Here is our submission… by funkinessfactor…(, Elizabeth Chow and Louka Chow)

This has been updated - new link… version 1.1 (enhanced game play and random generation enabled)

Here is the real version

Here is a teaser picture (but you can probably guess this guy is going down).

new version (1.2) (uploaded after deadline, minor bug fixes and less ants) :


This is a platformer where you can jump [space bar] and move [a] and [d] key. There are three modes [tab] to toggle between them:
Gun: Your guy will fire a rocket towards the mouse cursor on left click
Build: You can build and destroy hexagons with the mouse - this consumes shrooms that you collect by running over them
Place Tower: You can place a tower like in a tower defense game. You only get 5 at anyone time. Ants can destroy them and then you get it back.

Ants can attack you with a non-ranged acid attack. They generally stick to the walls or other ants.
When you build or destroy a hexagon, they take a while (few seconds to become solid), ants can travel though them during that period (aka the ants only take into account new hexagons when they re-plan their path).

You win by getting to the back to the top, hence what goes down (you) must come back up (to win).

Noted sources:
Cool_funny_bounce_music in the intro is from
Trees/fungus are from prior work.


Link to download:

Team name: AJYJ
List of team members: blexlol, yj
Name of your submission AJYJ_SubGame

Sourced assets:

Particle effects from example projects


Roller Toaster by Derzo

Shoot Allars & Alexanders while riding a difficult roller coaster. No toasters, sorry, just couldn’t think of a better name.

Team name: Derzo
Team members: Me

This jam theme was kind of hard and I went a bit risky this time. I also had bug, where on packaged builds sometimes the meshes wouldn’t simply be there. The latest package was meant to be for debugging, but then it suddenly worked on that build. And stopped working after that again :confused:. So that’s why there’s this boolean print string, sorry :rolleyes:

Also if someone doesn’t get the theme connection, rollercoasters must go up before they go down.


Mouse to look around and aim
Left mouse button to shoot

Third party assets

Music by MacLeod
3 2 1 sound effect from
UE4 starter content


I also made time lapse of some first day progress, but then I forgot too record the later parts :stuck_out_tongue:


Link to download the game: Click me! Version (1.2)
List of Team-Members:
Name of your submission: TheLoneJammer_Hook-Up


1.2.: Fixed bug with Comboboxes being filled multiple times
1.1.: Added multiple new Graphic Settings to Menus and saved Audio Settings in Savegames

Assets used:

  • Wind Sound from the “Landscape Mountains” Demo
  • Grasfootstep sounds from
  • Rock impact soudns from
  • Capsule and maybe a cube from the standard UE4 content
  • World etc is modeled by myself


“Hook-Up!” is a Single- or Multiplayer “Rope Swing” Game. Your goal is to swing through the broken world and reach the end as fast as possible.

You can play it with friends and climb to the top together while comparing times or play it alone.

Instructions are shown after starting/joining a Server (Singleplayer - Game).


We’ve created our game jam game!

Name: Cave Conundrum

Team Name: Team Alpaca

Team amount: 3 People

Team Members: Panda Studios(), C-Media(Charlestons), Luos

Description: A 2.5D point and click puzzle game where you have to lower spheres to get all the lights to a green color, however lowering a sphere might lower or lift up other spheres.

The game’s logic(programming) got somehow deleted half way through the game, so if there’s any bugs let me know and we’re sorry in advance. Also there’s some issues with the fps, so this might not run perfect on lower-end pc’s.

You can press “Y” to show FPS.

Level 12 and 13 are unbeatable, one of them is broken. The other one is just too **** hard :slight_smile:

Download Link:

UPDATE 20/05/2016: Version 1.2, Fixed FPS issues, fixed sounds, added easy mode.


Preview Video: **


Environment: Charlestons and
FX: Luos

Charlestons reused some of the tessellation from another project and adjusted it to fit our project.
Background music and correct-location sound are royalty free music assets.


Download Link:
Team name: (solo entry)
Name of Submission: BhaaL_Fishin

Ready for some fishing? Grab your trusty, stick-like (sticky?) fishing device and get going. Simply click the water surface and wait for something to come up. Refraction may not be your friend here, though.

All Assets were created during the past two days, with the exception of the wooden floor material (M_Wood_Floor_Walnut_Worn from StarterContent) and the water surface (BP_TranslucentWater from the Water Planes Learning Sample). Some help/inspiration from other StarterContent and ContentExamples.

Turns out I actually found some time to join in for this one. But as usual, there’s a ton of things I’d really liked to improve (like the fish AI) or include (like a settings screen), whilst lack of time didn’t allow me to. I do hope it runs better on your machines than it did on my iGPU, when PIE was fine the standalone build was running rather sluggish and even throwing some alignment off that I couldn’t really debug properly in time. But there it is, enjoy!


FlyHigh: Bungee Jumping Championship


Edit: I was informed that the archive could not be opened.
I know that it is just after deadline so I’m probably disqualified :frowning: but here is the reupload.
New Download Link

Download Link: Old download
Team Name : Team Allshar (solo)
Team Members : Jan “Allshar” Czarniecki

**Description : **
Bungee Jumping (There are some differences, I know bungee jumping doesn’t work like this in real life :P)
Steer with A and D, use Space to jump, lock and release rope.
Rope will extend until you lock it with Space. You can adjust it’s length this way.
Collect as many points as you can and try to land as gently as you can.

**Assets: **
Ambient sport event sounds from
Everything else was either made by me or comes from Starter Content.

**Notes: **
I run out of time on this one. Getting physics right in UE is hard. :frowning:
Have Fun!

download link:
teamname : owninator inc.
Team members: owninator
description: just a pilot.
controlls: lacking in gameplay.
assets :Manuel Bastoni Lab blender plugin
Trying to make Toon Shader Material on UE4 - World Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums
some showdown and elemetal assets.
name of submission : owninator inc._S01E01themegaownin

Quality Polyhedron Productions EatALot

Quality Polyhedron Productions EatALot

Download: Windows 32-bit (277MB)

Team Name: Quality Polyhedron Productions
Team Members: Mockillo, Blastings

Name of submission: QualityPolyhedronProductions_EatALot

Sourced Assets:
Used assets from polypixel3d to create the diner.
Used assets from the first person template.

You have recently received prosthetic arms and have joined an apple eating contest at your local diner. Try to beat your nemesis by eating the most apples.

Link to Dowup
Team name: Tinkurit
List of team members: Tommy Smith
Name of your submission: Tinkurit_Dowup

Another fun jam. Learned some stuff, had my ups and downs; but it’s all good.

There is a bug in the first level that doesn’t reset the player if the goal isn’t reached. If the player wants to reset the level to try again in the submitted entry, just go to the pause screen (by pressing Tab) and then push the “Level 1” button near the bottom and the level will start again. If you would like to play the game without the bug, on the bottom of this post is a link to the game with that bug fixed; but it is not the submission because it was well past the deadline for this game jams deadline. Used starter content (for a material) music from NCS (No Copyright Sounds, Links below)

Song links (NCS - No Copyright Sounds):
1: Itro - Panda
2: Jim Yosef - Lights
3:Itro (feat. Kédo Rebelle) - Skyward Bound

Downloadfor the fix to the respawn bug in Level 1 (not the game jam submission).

You find the game here.
Team name:
List of team members:
Name of your submission: JK5000_RocketsVsCitys

In a world where rockets and cities are fighting against each other, here’s your job to save the city. To do this you have placed a wind blowing fan on your car, and you can now blow those dangerous rocket away from the city.

Keyboard controls:
A and D or left and right arrow: Move left and right
Space: Use the fan.
R: Restart game.
Escape: Quit

Used Software:

  • Unreal engine 4
  • Blender
  • GIMP 2
  • Inkscape
  • Audacity

Good luck and have fun

Submission - Help I Need an Adult - A Bad Day

This is a VR Game and requires the Vive to work properly
This is a VR Game and requires the Vive to work properly

Link to a download of your game -
Backup Link to a download of your game -
Team name - Help I Need an Adult
List of team members - MathewW
Name of your submission - HelpINeedAnAdult_ABadDay

All assets were either included with the engine or expertly modeled in engine using the Pen Tool :wink: Used Audacity for Recording the Excellent Dialogue.
You can also find the complete source to the Game at - GitHub - MWadstein/UE4-May2016-Jam

**Link : **
**Members : **

Submission Name : InclementGames_NaughtyNigiri

Description : You play as the only piece of sushi that survived being devoured by a giant monster. The only escape is to make the monster sick, and get up out of there before you are digested!

All content except music created by team.

**Credits : **
Music : DeceasedSuperiorTechnician

Download Link/

Team Members/ 1 x

Name/ Salvage Quadrant

Space Junk comes falling down into your Salvage Quadrant…
Its your job reach it and administer a rocket booster to send it back up
Watch out for Rival Salvage Operations Bots coming into your Quadrant

Infinite Affordable Landscapes Mesas LandScape
Meshes from infiltrator demo
Meshes from shooter game demo
Meshes from scifi corridor
Modified Offroad bike from Motorcyles Pack
Teslas Blood Pack
FXville Blood Pack
PyroParticle Pack
Crosshair from 100+ Crosshairs Pack
Circle Gauge from Circle Gauge Pack
Gunsounds from Reload Pack
Free Font from FontSpace


Download Link : HERE.
Team: Crackpot Gumption
Team members: jwainwright
Submission Name: CrackpotGumption_Ballimia


Recycling has taken over, and the town dump is failing. The owner has said that if the dump doesn’t have 100,000kg of stuff stored in the dump in the next six minutes, you are going to lose your job.

Find stuff, and get it to the dump or you are fired!


Mouse to move camera, WASD to move character. Right/Left Click sucks in objects and blows them out. Score by spitting items into the town dump!

Gamepad + Triggers should achieve the same thing. Good luck!

Gain mass by eating items to eat bigger items!

I made all assets and effects for the jam, except for the background music. Credit for that goes to Eric Matyas @

Game pad should work as well, but wasn’t tested extensively. I hope you enjoy!


**Team Name: **VR Berliner

Rune Berg

Submission Name: VRBerliner_SphaleronPrime


A SteamVR/Vive Game: A gameplay re-enactment of the physics in primordial space prior to the Big Bang. Close anti-matter rifts and see if you can survive the onlsaught of anti-matter particles. Survive and allow Matter to thrive!

**Objective/Theme fit: “What comes down, must come up” - **
Challenge of the game is to keep closing the rifts which is being bombarded by anti-matter particles, making it dwindle down. Closing rifts will help size it back up again. As Spahaleron Prime, you need to swoop down and grab matter particles and bring them up to the opened rifts - that is, before Matter particles fall down (they gain gravity after a set period).

Game is time based and your cue is the music cycle/tempo, if you manage to keep the matter pool up by constantly closing rifts, you get to the victory end game - see playthrough video below:

Playthrough Demo

Flying: Point to where you want to go with the Vive controllers and hold either the thumpad Up or Down button to fly towards that location.
Grabbing: Press trigger to grab particles, there’s a small range for the pickup. If you release the trigger, the matter will be released and will bubble up. You can also try throwing the Matter particles up to the rifts, but be sure your aim is good :wink:

**Original Music **by Macleod with slight modifs to fit theme/mood, SFX by Corsica S
Assets tweaked from Phoenyx/Alien skies purchased from the Marketplace.
Dialogues are my own

Link: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life
Team: The “A” Team
Jotham Perkins *aka *Amstrad
jfaw *aka *Love Saves the Day

Submission Name: TheATeam_BeerChuggingSimulator2017

Sourced Assets:
Various furniture models from: Big Furniture Pack by Vertex Studio
Airfix Lunar Module by: simbos57
Trees and Grass: Foliage Starter Kit by fighter5347
Sound Effects from: Vocal Hazard Pack by Volterock & undocument
Additional Sounds from:


Download link:HERE
Team: SwiftMCreations
Submission: SwiftMCreations_TheSystemIsDown

Sourced assets only include two particle effects from the starter content, a starter sound file, and the material for the floor (also starter content). Everything else was created for the jam, during the jam.

Download Link

The hogs of cold valley haven’t prepared for the winter very well, bar one - the runt of the litter. Take back lost fuel from your porcine siblings, and bring the temperature back up before you freeze.

team Name: Storm-bird
Members: 1 - Eidwulf
Submission Name: Storm-bird_LogHogs
Non-Original Assets Used: