Maximum lumen output using UE and OR2

Hi all from a research department in lighting in Copenhagen,

Im currently trying to calibrate and gain better understanding of how the OR2 and the Unreal Engine work together and the thing I noticed is that if I output a really bright environment the lumen output of the oculus rift’s screen is max 85lm in contrast to getting 250 if I just open a white image on it using photoshop for example.

I have already removed the adaptation that the UE does to the environment, but it didnt help… It also doesnt seem to be a problem of framerate because I tried to tweak that as well and it didnt work.

Any ideas where to look or why is that happening?

About adaptation:
Don’t mind this if you just unchecked it in post processing, but in case you have turned off adaptation by setting equal values for min/max brightness then the entered values matter. Lower will create a brighter environment and higher will be darker. You can play with the settings if you want to force a brighter scene.

About output:
But I think the main reason for the lower luminance is that low persistence is active. Basically this is done to reduce judder/motion blur (and therefore improves the VR experience) at the cost of luminance.
More info about low persistence can be found at

You can try test the difference by entering the console command " hmd lp on/off ". However, you will notice a significant drop in quality (smearing) when it is turned off.

I am also interested in this topic, so let me know if this was useful or you found some other causes/solutions.

What is an OR2?