Maximo to Unreal Engine Workflow

Hey all,

I have a custom character downloaded from the internet and I am working on a sequence right now.

My goal is to get animations from Maximo and use it in unreal for the character. I am confused about the general workflow of how to achieve it. If someone can guide me on how to go for it , that will be great.



from what I know you upload your character int Mixamo and there you can generate your animation, for example a walk animation. Then you export it as an .fbx file. That .fbx you import into Unreal

The characters that I make with Mixamo Fuse haven’t been working within Unreal for a while, since Adobe bought them. In Unreal, I’d have characters missing faces and it was a horrorshow.
Have you recently got it to work?

If you got the Mixamo animations, you would retarget them to your player character’s skeleton. Animation retargeting I think it’s called?