Maximal size of an game on hd

hi, i´m afraid it´s time for another noobish question:

i havn´t found an advice, what the maximal size of an game should be (4,7 gb for an cd?).

i would like to make an optical fine looking map (quixel-tex) and so i´m tweaking everything for minimal data-size…

but what is the guideline for an game in view of data-size?

one fully packed cd with high quality-content and after reaching the capacity “please insert disk2”?

thanx for an answer :slight_smile:


In 3 ~ 5 years 4K will be standard.
Many players will expect a 4K downloadable texture pack for games which will easily rise games install size to above 100GB.

For now nobody cares, but soon PS4 and XBox will support full 4K gaming and Pc will just follow the trend.
Nintendo will stay on low resolution tho.

The PS4 and XBO use Bluray discs, which are up to 50 GB. There’s several games that reach 100 GBs after downloadable content gets installed.

Physical sales for PC games are practically non-existent in most of the major markets. But even before CD/DVD games died, most games would have you install multiple discs at the start, and then only use 1 disc to play off of.

hi **BrUnO XaVIeR,

thanks for your fast reply!

ok… 4k is the future, i understand.**

**hi ZacD !

thanks for your answer!

so in these years i could create an game for pc with maybe 50 gb content, which i could offer to the market within a tray including 1 blueray (dual layer)?

is it usefull for pc-users?

thanx again for an answer :-)**

PC gamers generally don’t have disc drives on their computers.

50GB download for a modern game is normal.

thanks :slight_smile: