"Max texture size" or "LOD Bias" for downscaling textures in-game

Hello. I would like to ask you for your help. I am looking for a way to downscale my textures size in a “healthy” way so it could boost my performance in-game (in cooked and if possible in non-cooked version too).

For now I found two options that piqued my interest. LOD Bias and Max Textures size. Via google I found nice description (I am sorry for google translate but I don’t speak japanese :stuck_out_tongue: ):

So it seems that Max Textures size is what I am looking for. And for now I was really happy with it but I noticed that these textures are building almost every time when some changes are made in engine. At first it wasn’t that invasive but with every day when there are more and more textures coming it kinda starts to get annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

So I wanted to ask - can I somehow use it better ? Or maybe I should use some other function or option ?

Thanks and Cheers !

For limiting texture size in-game, you should use max texture size.

I’m not so sure. From the UE documentation of the Texture Editor:

It looks to me like the LOD bias is what you should use here. I also remember hearing that elseqhere some years ago