Max Texture Resolution & Memory Footprints

So I need to render Planet Earth at extremely high detail, taking up a lot of screen space on a large screen. I’ve devised a way to split and re-project NASA’s gloriously huge images of Earth into sections, and I’m thinking of splitting my Earth Sphere into 24 Sub-Pieces, and rendering 4K textures on each segment. (I can also stop rendering segments that you won’t see, hopefully helping with memory).

Now, the shader is also going to be quite complex to pull off the sort of things that Earth does, clouds, atmosphere scattering, northern lights etc, all using PBR and hi-res 4K textures. So my question is:

  • Is 4K The Maximum Resolution supported by Unreal?
  • What are the memory footprints for textures at different resolutions? Is there a chart anywhere?

Target Platform is a dedicated PC, sporting either a 780Ti or something stronger if newer tech comes out before then.

According to the wiki 4096x4096 is the highest supported but 8192x8192 works if you change the source to allow 14 mip maps.