Max FPS difference between 2 monitors

So basically I remember on this monitor I always had a cap of 120 FPS but suddenly since some Nvidia updates I only get my max monitor refresh rate (100) FPS but the weird thing is that by simply moving Unreal window to my other monitor the cap goes back up to 120 FPS instantly and funny thing is that my other monitor is 60 hertz. Anyone knows anything about this?

Obviously the fps can’t be above 60 if the monitor is not above 60htz.
Use FRAPS to get a more accurate read.

The thing that affects the FPS the most is the size of the render - so the bigger the window the worse performance gets exponentially.

Hey man. I was just talking about true performance and not refresh rate capping. The max FPS you get in your scene so basically when you turn on the FPS counter in the viewport to check how your project performs. In one monitor (60Hz) I get 120 which is a capped number that can be overridden with a simple command and on my main monitor (100 Hz) I get 99-100 FPS only which is exactly my monitor refresh rate and it sounds a bit strange. I get this result by simply moving my UE4 program window from one monitor to the other. It jumps instantly. Now I’ve tried making my viewport resolution tiny just to make sure and it is obviously capped.

I also have to say I’ve always had 120 FPS on a empty scene using this monitor until now. Also, I use Afterburner together with UE4 FPS counter and I get exactly the same number.

VSync problems?

I’ve tried using Vsync and currently I don’t have it on. Vsync does nothing I just tested again. This monitor has G-Sync. Tried disabling it and it doesn’t change anything.