max drawcalls consensus?

Hello, i was wondering if there was a consensus about the number of drawcalls not to exceed, or should i say to get a smooth gaming. i’m hesitating between two workflows. one being very long but being sure of having few drawcalls, and another one that would be much fastest, but that would create a lot more drawcalls. so as i can’t afford 20 guys to work for me, as it’s my very first game, i was wondering if there was a kind of consensus about a reasonable amount of drawcalls per streamed area (world composition)

It depends on what kind of geometry you’re using. The engine is pretty good at merging meshes if you use the hierarchical instanced support, for example.

In general, 10,000 draw calls per frame is a reasonable limit, but there might be games that get it to 1,000, or games that get away with 100,000, depending on art style, specific shaders, and what kind of hardware/performance you target.

ok, so i’m in for the slow method. but you know what, slower is better :slight_smile: . Thanks.