Mauriccio's 3D workshop

Hey everyone!

I’m starting to create some 3D models for the marketplace with a focus on fantasy art. I wanted to share all the work in progress here and some tutorials if people find it valuable. Also here is my twitch channel where I’ll record all my progress: Twitch

You can also see more work on my Instagram! I often post more WIPs there

Free Material Functions!](Useful Material Functions)

List of released products:

Without much to say, I’m working in some fantasy shields now, here are some WIPs!

More progress on material definition

More progress on a new shield, also testing inside Unreal how the material looks in default lightning conditions:

May I suggest you to release a shield+sword set, instead only shields… seems important for one to buy if he can be sure there is a matching theme. Remember you are also selling a concept in your mind, and that fitting sword Im sure is there somewhere. :slight_smile: Just my 2 cents.

Thats a great suggestion! Swords are definitely something that everyone sells but if people find that this artstyle fits better for their project needs I may be able to create swords to match the style

Cool, nice work!

Thank you @av_image ! More progress on the last shield, time to go to create materials inside Unreal, gonna be fun indeed

Decided to twitch and share my progress on anything i make so if anyone is interested here is my channel: Twitch

Started to create materials inside Unreal, always enjoy doing these kind of stuff is amazing what you can create inside the Material Editor! Here is some progress on the modular material I’m making for the shield, the idea is to be able to change everything. Also the progress was recorded here: Twitch

Planing to share the material once is finished!

Finished the master material for the shields, you can change the colors, reflective properties, normal map details and some gradient colors to make it more stylish!

I’m sharing some material functions that you can use in your projects here: Useful Material Functions

I’ll start to update them as I add more into my library, for now there is only 2.

Here are some shots from the shields inside Unreal:

Shields are now available here!

Trying to fix the design of this creature, the idea is to find big, medium and smaller shapes and then add detail on top of that instead of randomly add detail where you want the focus to be on:

Hey everyone, made a quick tutorial on how to use the new the new Material Layers feature on 4.19. Hope you find it useful! Sorry for the technical issues, will solve it for later videos

Planing on doing destroyed concrete

Set of destroyed concrete sets, I’m thinking of doing destroyed walls also, it’s good to hear what you also need in your projects.

More work in the low poly models, I prefere to do manual retopo to have an easier time doing UVs I think it took around 5 or 6 hours to finish these. Planing on doing some destroyed walls now!


Working on the bakes:

More progress on texturing, at the end I will be using them to create materials inside Unreal so these are just placeholders:

Skeletal meshes for the Fantasy Shields pack have been added! Just need to wait for the approval process, I will update this post when the changes are live.

Shields are now updated with skeletal meshes. I’m testing now the concrete rubble inside the Editor. So far so good!