Matte Shadow?

When using a 32bit hdri for the skydome (GI, Lighting) I would like to project the dome on the ground plane.

Raytracers like Vray do have an option, called Matte Shadow.
The ground plane blends into the hdri, and receives the sahdow information.

here is an example that shows that feature:
Is there something similar in the Unreal Engine?

Thank you so much for any little hint!
appreciate it!

Yes, it’s called SkyLight. Set your HDRI into it and it should affect the entire scene.

very cool… thank you so much. but what specific options do you have to check in order to make a ground plane a matte shadow? :rolleyes:

Did you find the answer on your question, sir? I think, its possible. We need somehow project background texture to the plane. example:
But i dont know how to do it.