matte painting for an matinee- teaser?


i´m working on an matinee-teaser for my project (so far so good :wink:

for this teaser, i want to create an huge city in the horizon of my “with meshes created ue4.7-scene”.

so here are my questions:

  • is it possible to insert an matte painting into my scene (like in maya),
    to create the illusion of an huge city on the horizon (maybe with alpha for the existing ue4-skydome)?

  • or is the better way to model this environment?

thanks a lot for an answer
and a sunny and relaxed weekend to all of you!


actually everything is possible. All you have to do is try simple ways to create those cities. Like placing some box or placing planes with alpha, or place city picture in your sky box etc. I always use some box and some building textures on it. Then i just place them everywhere i want :smiley: Literally just box. Even BSP’s will do the work. Create 4 or 5 bsp with some material with building faces on it. Then aplly them on your bsp convert to geometry and it will do the work :smiley: If you want more cheap (less performance) way you can use plane and of course material with building faces. And just apply them on your plane then place it everywhere. If you want to place them quickly create procedural blueprint.

hi Gandosh,

that´s a good solution…

thanks a lot!