Matrix level lag spikes when turning camera constantly.. poor performance

I have 2 rtx 3090s … and a cpu with 32 threads. The matrix demo lags constantly when turning the camera… pretty much unplayable. Any idea why?

The demo is very bottlenecked by the CPU, and the gameplay thread runs off one CPU core. You’d be better off with a processor with less cores but faster clocks for this one particular demo.

For example my system has the GPU with a 70% load, CPU maxed out, getting frame rates in the 30s.

Do you have a 4th gen M.2 SSD? I find the lag isn’t too bad even with a 6th gen i7 and RTX3070ti - there is a lot of texture streaming in the demo - the 7.2Gb/s read speed makes all the difference…

its a ryzen 9 3950x 16-core 3.50ghz

samsung SSD 860 evo 4 tb is the hard drive

Yeah that’s unfortunately only 550Mb/s - Epic recommend a 4th gen M.2 for the texture and nanite streaming. They’re getting a lot cheaper now though…