Matinees with Nav Mesh Bounds Volume, Trigger Volume, and Block Volume

I’m trying to use matinees to carry a user thru the game on a model. The idea, user gets on model, triggers matinee, is carried to destination, gets off model and walks around, then gets back on model and goes to the next location (rinse and repeat). Seems to be an issue, however, with the various items not moving with the model as determined by the matinee. I’ve nested the trigger volume, blocking volume, and Nav Mesh Bounds volume to the model, and for the first activation of the trigger, it seems to work (i.e.; VR pawn is carried to the first destination). From there, however, I cannot get back on the model and continue to the next location. It appears when the model is moved, all the volumes either are disabled or don’t move even though they are nested beneath the model. This seems to negate using OnActorEndOverlap in the BluePrint I’m using, because as soon as the matinee starts, the Overlap ends. Is there a way to update the location information for these volumes so they stay with the model (and the VR Pawn)? I tried using ForceNetUpdate from EventTick with a reference to each volume and that doesn’t appear to work. Any ideas or workarounds I could try?

Well for anyone who wanted to pull something similar off, I decided to take a different tact. I created a matinee to take the vehicle to each specific location, and then I simply created a different trigger volume at each location to activation each specific matinee. Works as originally intended, just more labor intensive to create the effect.