Matinee video wont record camera path

Hi there!

Trying to record a test camera path in the Matinee editor but every time I try to make a movie it just starts making hundreds of still frames of the wrong view port, also nothing moves…

-I’ve also ticked play on level start and this seems to have done nothing

-also changed the main save folder to something else as I heard this could fix it.

Please send help :slight_smile:

Its almost like its rendering out the player camera and not the matinee one…
So I’m just getting hundreds of still shots looking directly at the table and chair…

Hi any help with this would be great. Basically I can’t film anything in Unreal. none of my selected cameras will film - it just keeps recording the player camera over and over again. How do I stop and sort this issue.

I sorted this. Basically I had not assigned a camera in the director group - clicking director group - hitting middle button and then selecting a camera path to render. This sorted the whole issue.

im having the same issue but i have the director group set up correctly and still nothing, just to see if it was my own error or maybe the engine acting up i made a new camera and set it up correctly and still it didnt work so im at a loss on what to do.