Matinee Recording and Framerates

i understand matinee exported as image sequence has no framerate drops.

however in a clip i tested im not very happy with the movement.
id like to have a very smooth camera motion but i get a bit of choppiness. (very slight)
in this test clip around 8 second, the left side of the building seems a bit skippy to me.

is exporting a slower sequence and then speeding it up in compositing a good idea?
tried it but does not seem to help, maybe because of the final exported framerate is still capped at 24fps.

any insight appreciated here.

It looks normal to me. The camera’s movement speed isnt the same throughout the sequence so it’s normal to start seeing that kind of an effect as the camera gains speed at 24FPS.

yeah i though i might be me being nitpicky. thank you very much for looking into it.
any approaches to avoid or alleviate the effect?

Increasing output FPS should help. You can set frame rate as you like in Render Movie Settings window.

thanks jacky.

The only way to check this is to load up the individual frames in an image editing program and check the pixel movement of a constant movement progression (ie place a ruler or new layer on the building edge and measure that between several frames). See if its really moving the same number of pixels each frame. It is possible there is some issue with the engine when exporting at set frame rates but checking the frames will at least tell you if you are seeing a problem in your head or for real.

yeah seeing things in my head sounds right tho:)

would this then work only in a constant camera speed scenarios? it seems to me that matinee camera has an automatic “easing in”, ie. does not start at the max speed (which i like).


Ryan’s suggestion works at constant camera speed. If you like you can render a sequence with constant camera speed(select the camera’a movement keys > right click > set Interp mode to Linear) which should make any possible frame skipping more obvious.

thank you again,

i have it setup to linear and will compare. its a very good method to troubleshoot.

cheers guys