Matinee record movie anti aliasing not being baked into rendered frames

Since upgrading the latest hotfix last Friday my Matinee animation fully render out as PNG have been without Antialiasing, though a couple of days before this hotfix it was rendering out my animations perfectly fine.

When I play the animation through Matinee in the editor I can see the temporal AA working. I have notice a few forums questions on this but has anybody got some answers for me?

Thanks again

It is actually expected behavior, since temporal AA uses the previous frames in run time to smooth things out. You need to record in higher resolution than your target resolution and then downscale, or increase screen percentage value in post process.

Interesting, I have not noticed the extend of the jagged edges on my latest animation compared to my previous ones. The max resolution I can render to is 1080p from the record movie options, is there a command line to render higher than this? Also do you no the best way to initiate command line names?

Thanks again