Matinee, print quality high resolution renders >?

I am beginning to try Matinee, is there a way to RENDER high resolution renders from a camera ?

I’d like to end up with a HD RENDERING…

maybe 4000x4000 @ 300 DPI…

what is the MAX rendering of the engine and how do I create one ?

If you click on the movie button in the top right hand corner in matinee, you can render out an image sequence and specify it’s resolution. Which is bound only by your hardware specs. I used it myself for rendering a sequence at 4k and later downsample to 1080p.

when I click on record, it opens up a window but creates a new camera automatically and I cant seem to find how to select the one I made and moved then keyed…

Click on “movie” instead of “record”. Then select bmp sequence, select “custom” as resolution, specify resolution, framerate and so on.

Wich hardware gpu does support this? Will iT Render in 72 or 300dpi??