Matinee Movie Render


I’m trying to record a small space that I’ve modeled and I’m running into a problem: whenever I render to video through matinee, the finished product .avi is as choppy and slow as when it’s rendering. I don’t know if it’s something to do with my settings or my video codecs, but I am hoping someone here can offer a solution. Some details are below:

Create Movie Options
Capture Type: AVI Movie
Capture Resolution: Custom 1680 x 1050 (but I’ve also tested 1920 x 1080) @ 60 FPS
Everything checked except Disable Texture Streaming (off)

My engine scalability settings are set at Epic, and it runs perfectly while in-editor.

I have roughly 8 different CameraActors that are used for cut-shots that each run 5-10 seconds long.
There are approximately:
21 spotlights (8 of which are Stationary)
2 pointlights (Static)
DirectionalLight (general settings for the most part)

Is there something I’m missing?

That captured .avi is uncompressed so it will be choppy on most players(also depending on how good your system is.) You need to convert it into another playable format.

That…should have been more obvious to me. Thank you. Are programs like Adobe Premier well suited to convert uncompressed data like the .avi I have or are there more specific programs I need to look into?

Premiere is perfectly fine. Pick h.264 as format and then render away.

Thank you for the information Jacky!

If you have a bunch of files you can also batch-convert them with the adobe media encoder. A little timesaver right there.

I highly recommend not using AVI movie to export. It’s fine if your scene isn’t too busy, but it means that any frame-drops that occur during the capture will also be permanently in your video.

Instead I would render to a .BMP sequence and then import that as an ‘image sequence’ into After Effects or Premiere ( / video editing tool of choice). That way the rendered movie will stay at a fixes framerate regardless of how long it took to render the frames.

Adobe Media Converter is really good for re-compressing stuff too, I use h.264 Main, 5.1, 20Mbp/s