Matinee lagging after build

After I build or view the map on standalone game mode the matinee starts lagging what should i do??

Hello Sarkar Singh,

Would you provide a copy of your DxDiag (System Spec’s). Also if you would provide screenshots of your Matinee window and your viewport that shows the lag.

see this is in standalone game viewport but in the game viewport it works fine

Thank you for the movie. From the video I not only saw the video but also the audio lag as well. I have a couple more questions and a possible solution for you.

1.) Please link me your DxDiag
2.) How did you render the movie through matinee? Did you use .AVI or another export format? Sometimes saving out frames and compiling the movie in an external software yields better results. This way you can control your tracks and speed of the film as well as control compression when building the final movie.

Hey Sarkar Singh,

I haven’t heard back from you yet. For tracking purposes I will be closing this thread and marking it as answered. If you are still having this issue please refer to my previous post.