Matinee Jitter

I have a 1 min matinee made with a few camera cuts of a fairly small environment scene of low complexity, I previously rendered it out with the movie button without problems at scalability setting Epic.

Then I worked on the scene some more adding more props and materials and textures and also improved the lighting from all static to some stationary.

I then re timed the matinee with some stretching and such.

Now what happens is consistent and a clue but I can’t decifer; when I render out the movie it still looks great, but then after 3 or 4 seconds it jitters and is aliased, then it cuts to the next camera move, looks great but again after 2 or 3 seconds it starts to jitter again and so on until it finally jitters aliased constantly.

Is it something to do with my computer now not able to handle the scene, except it looks great before the jitter.

Could it be something to do with tone mapping?

It could be to do with temporal AA I know, Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

It says “r.PostProcessAAQuality4 will settle slower but will not jitter”, but that makes no difference to the problem.

What is the cause?

And importantly how can I fix it?


I have the same issue and I didn’t have it in 4.10. Camera animation movement jitters for some reason when close to other objects even with collisions turned off. Here is my post about the similar issue. Happens both in Matinee and Sequencer. Cameras just jitter.

Thanks StMalk for your suggestion.

I suspect it’s something to do with post processing the image which is slightly different to your problem.

It’s also not a version problem as I have a previous iteration scene without a problem and cross checked but can’t pinpoint the difference between the scenes.

It also seems that no one else is having this problem, or has a suggestion?

Is it that unusual? Anyone?

Ok here are some suggestions. I had that kind of jitter as well and when I switched to FXAA it disappeared. Maybe that would work for you.
As for my issue, I solved it too, it appeared like my objects were too tiny for camera to handle. I increased the size and that shivering disappeared.