Matinee, how to render a video?

i have the same problem as this guy:

but typical answerhub experience for me here again. problem not resolved and thread dead.

i created my camera actor, director group, and the blueprint start event. but still all i got is a totally different free camera.
i cant find any tutorial on how to do this. most of the tutorials are for ingame cutscenes with a box trigger. i dont want that, i want to render a video in predefined framerate and resolution.

can someone help me with this?


Have you set your matinee camera as the Director camera in director track? If you have, post some screenshots of your Matinee and BP please.



when i hit play, everything is working. im sure this would work if it was some ingame triggerbox cutscene. but thats not what i want. i want to render this in defined resolution and framerate. but when i hit record i get this:

different free moving camera.

Ah, you need to press the Movie button, not Record. Record creates keyframes for camera position as you move along the matinee time frame.


its working now but not as i expected it would be. im doing this on my notebook and its not powerful enough to run ue4 in 1080p@60fps. i was hoping that i could render this with any resolution and framerate i want. this is just a recording of what i saw in real time and its far from 60fps.

If you set it to 1080p and 60fps, it will render at 60fps. You can ignore the hiccups while rendering, the output will be smooth.

well thats the problem… its not.
the file says 60 fps but its not smooth at all. same as in game.


tried it in VLC and finally the result i wanted.

thanks for your help jacky. very quick and effective.
all the best.

One last thing to mention; you’ll need to convert the output into a more practical format if you are recording it as AVI. That AVI file is uncompressed so the file size is huge and not every player is capable of playing it smoothly as you have found out.

yeah, i already did it using H264. (from 4.5GB to 50mb)

Morning everybody.
I really tried to read all the messages around to understand why it does not work for me, but nothing, and even dumbly following the instructions, yet it does not work.
Basically when everything is set and I push movie to record the cutscene with my camera movements, it open a window with the real time scene where I can interact so that it creates an AVI movie with it, but no signs of any AVI according to my cutscene recorded with the camera.
What am I doing wrong ???
Thanks a lot for your patience :wink:

Hello to all.
I’ve got the right hint to solve the problem, no need for further help for now.

Hi! i have a issue too with the Make movie option in Matinee, basically, the setting that i use in the make movie windows are being ignored, and new windows always comes full screen 1920x1080 at 60fps and that kills the performance and i can’t record a good gameplay :S, the only setting respected is the output file. do you know what i’m doing wrong??



I just need to ask how to record sound from gameplay? I can make AVI and everything is fine but i’m missing sound and effects (pretty cool part of my game). Also when i hit record i dont have sounds in gameplay.



you start the record with a button from the engine,
wich works for me, but is there any way of capturing the game from a blueprint so it will work in a packaged game ?


Hello People!
I have the exactly same problem! Please help me!