Matinee Camera and Record perspective


testing out recording matinee movies and i am totally confused:
-made a basic camera movement in the startup projects (one without any assets)

  • it runs ok. “create a movie” though displays a recording window but the perspective of the camera seems to defaults 0,0,0. it has nothing to do with my matinee camera.

i looked all over the place for some option to tie the matinee camera to the record output but nothing.

Hi. I just “solved” this problem last night, although using the new Sequencer instead of Matinee.

The missing piece is that you need to assign your camera to be the render target by doing a small bit of Blueprint coding.

Here are the steps to make your camera be the active player for recording (and game play).

Using a static camera.

You need to use a Director track in Matinee(once you create the director track hit Enter at frame 0 and select your camera from the list) or a Shot track in Sequencer.

thank you boddie and jackie

i figured that i need the director track could not create a keyframe for it though.
will try that blueprint method too.

what sort of function does director track btw?


hmm suddenly i can add keyframe to director track.
tried both adding a kf to director track and a track within director with the same name as my cam. still the matinee recorder snaps to the world center and is movable. that blueprint could be the solution.

btw i am on 4.10, believe there is no sequencer in it right?

I am also on 4.10. The Sequencer is a plugin that has to be enabled.
Edit > Plugins > Editor > Level Sequence Editor (Check Enable) Then look for the button in lower right to restart the engine.

To use it click the pull down on the toolshelf
Cinematics > Add Level Sequence

This will bring up a dialog for naming the sequence. Name and Save.
This will bring up the sequencer window which you can dock if you want.

4.10 does not have a Shot/Director track that can be added as Jacky indicated. I think that will come in 4.11.
However, by making the blueprint change for the level, I was able to make it work.

Here is a video that shows it in action: Sequencer demo (in French)

very helpful. thank you boddie.

i tried it real quick without the blueprint fix - same issue.
going to test it tomorrow.

Here is the tutorial for Matinee and I see there is a different Blueprint used to connect the Matinee object itself.

Matinee tutorial

I presume something similar can/will be used when there is a Shot/Director track, but I don’t know how to add one for the Sequencer in 4.10.

(BTW, from my post count, you can see that I am just groping my way around the engine myself and may be completely off base.)

got it going. the last bit of blueprint in the linked tutorial did it.
many thanks boddie.