Matinee and Post Processing


i am having trouble with matinee and creating a movie.
the movie itself captures gwell, only the post processing settings are not at all what i have set.

vignette for example i have set to 0 intensity but the matinee recording has it cranked way up.(to an much earlier state i believe)
i am thinking that there has been a keyframe of the values in the matinee but dont know where it could be. tried redoing the director track but no luck.

i found that i can add a float property to control the values but i just want them to default to my current view.

any help is much appreciated.

Hey KillingWord,

please let me know if that helps : Select your camera and search for blend, it will give you this :

Set it to zero. That should fix it ( camera has its own postrocessing values)

Greetings, Maternal

thank you maternal,

great tip and it does work, in a way. some settings are on, some seem off. the matinee frame again looks different than the viewport.
i am uploading the two images, one is a screenshot and the other matinee frame.

its sort of odd that camera and PPV both each have their own settings. cant see any logic in it.
i´d just like WSIWYG camera.

edit: i think this may be down to light adaptation. maybe the newly opened capture window is darker because of that?

Make sure you have your Min- and Max Brightness in your PPV Auto Exposure section both set to 1 and tweak overall exposure with the Exposure Bias (hoover over that word and it gives you a stunning tooltip :cool:).

helpful as always. thank you. using that hovering extensively already:)

i have actually just left a longer lead-in time for the light to “settle”. the sequence then looks as intended.

btw, is it possible to capture a visualized buffer only? that would be really great.

Only for single images via the High-res screenshot tool. If you want to composite sequences, currently your only option is going for the -somewhat hacky- chroma key route.

Maybe the new sequencer will support it though. That should be around quite soon. It will be an awesome new tool for sure :smiley:

got it. i was afraid that might be the case, was just hoping there was a perhaps console variable that prints a screenshot each frame of play.
or maybe having a global material override with just ao.

looking very forward to the sequencer. looks like the shizz.