MatineActor problem


I set up 4 cameras when I start to capture movie it not work it stuck in one place ! is it bug or what ?


any solution ?

Have you set the director track in Matinee?

Yeah I set director track


I check this option
now got another problem in first second it show dfferent location then it start playing , while playing it show me sphere !!


so I don’t know what should I do =/

If you can, try the sequencer instead. Matinee will soon be a thing of the past. Sequencer is much more intuitive and will replace matinee eventually.

That sphere is the default spectator pawn’s mesh. Enable the checkbox that hides player in matinee’s details panel to fix that. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the camera location though. Switch to Sequences as heartlessphil suggested if you can’t get Matinee working as you like.