Hi I’m not that clever when it comes to maths but today I was making a day and night cycle with a visibility float variable to be able to hide from ai in the shadows. I got it working though it was inverted so at night i was 100 visible and in daylight i was 0 visible. I managed to figure out if i times the value by minus 1 it inverted the whole thing and it now works incrementally. So this got me wondering what other easy bits of math I’m missing out on. Has anyone got any tips for someone who knows absolutely nothing about maths or any links for learning. I find this one of the hardest things to do in the engine.

Math is something that repulses many people… But I think the core problem is- the way its taught is all wrong.
Teachers all too often show favoritism to those who pick things up fastest, leaving others behind feeling lost…
My math is pretty awful. But everyone has weak points and you learn to mask them. Anyway here’s a few tips:…on-math-people…in-programming…c-math-and-ue4…math-sub-forum

It’s worse if you have a math disability and ADHD