Is there anything official in therms of MaterialX support.?
From the Siggraph papers we know Epic is working with ILM to support there special kind of Unreal.
But is there anything the standard user could play with?…BOF_slides.pdf

A good start would be to support the Arnold shader. There is a reference implementation for materialX.
Here is the whitepaper.

I haven’t heard anything about that, but there is a kind of transferable material that works in multiple programs: Substance

Thanks for the info. I hoped there is more.
MaterialX is part of pixars USD universe and should become the standartd material framework. Also Allegorithmic is working on it.

More info from this years siggraph. I hope some day we will see matX support in unreal.

Slides are ready now.

Any new info around MaterialX?
As USD has now native support are there any plans for matX?
Supporting the new Standard Shader in Maya2020 would be a great start.

More Info from Substance and matX.

Looks like the Substance Team is first with a creation graph for materialX.
The plugin should be available this week for Substance Designer.

at 47min
and at 1h 16min

The Plugin is now available on Substance Share.

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Great overview Video.

Looks like we are closer to get MaterialX support!…BOF_slides.pdf

Here a new Video from Autodesk of the current state of MatX.
Starts at 40min. The Maya presentation starts at 55min.

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30 december 2021, no any news about materialX from Epic …
SideFx Houdini 19 have materialX production ready. What Epic is waiting for ?


01 February 2022 still no news…

I was just wondering about the same thing…
I haven’t found any update on the materialX website or github page

Im very motivated to solve this theme
I’d like to make plugin for that

It’s finally coming

I’m trying to import an .mtlx file (just a basic aiStandardSurface, no inputs, just a color in BaseColor from Maya, but getting this error:


I’ve tried more complicated setups without luck, so I stripped it to a basic shader w/ no connections for testing. Has anyone had any luck importing mtlx into unreal 5.1?

The more ‘complex’ setup was getting a lot of type mismatch errors:

Usually when you have errors like “Mismatched types” or “Invalid element”, it means that your file isn’t a valid MaterialX file, you should check the different port connection errors in your file.
For example when you have a “Mismatched” error, that simply means that you are trying to plug 2 different types, for example your input expects a “float” but is connected to a “vector2” node.