Materials won't show on imported FBX model from Blender

Hi there I have been struggling to get any materials to show up on an imported model from Blender. I can drop the material on to it, but it just goes a slightly different colour.

I have created a collision sphere around it, as it didn’t import with one. I don’t know if I am missing something obvious?

It’s not a complicated object, just part of a wall.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it thanks.

-make sure that you uv mapped your mesh :slight_smile:
-export your texture separately - import it - create a material - assign it to the mesh

UV mapped my mesh…erm, ok I guess that is something I do in Blender that I missed.

Its saying my model has degenerate tangent bases which will stop shaders working, is that a result of me not uv mapping? God this is tricky lol

It could be. Also make sure to take a look at this thread: :slight_smile:

Sweet, ok thanks mate I am watching a YouTube video on it now…I thought it was just a case of importing it right off the table lol…thanks again.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy :wink:

This uv mapping tutorial is pretty good:

Thanks mate that is the one I was watching actually, I think its an older version of Blender though. Just in case anyone is following this thread, this video is amazing: