Materials turn gray PLUS + please read

Hello. i’m pretty new to Ue4. 2nd day on it, been having this problem… whenever i try to drag/drop Materials onto Assets, so far only plants and trees. the material itself turns gray… then when i go to the texture folder and drag drop the textures onto the assets it turns like the fern plant. the leaves are all squared out… when i do the same to the tree, the bark takes the color somewhat good? but also the leaves on the tree is all squared out. i don’t know what i am doing wrong. please if anyone know how to help.

Thank you.

Either you didn’t change the blend mode to masked or you didn’t connect the alpha channel into the opacity mask input.
or if you made the textures yourself, you may not have made the alpha channel correctly.

not sure what’s going on with the bark, probably either a tiling or uv mapping issue is stretching it out wrong.